About Tribe Terra

Tribe Terra is a web based game set in a post-apocalyptic world with small tribes of anthropomorphic animal heroes trying to thrive making heists on adventures. You’ll have to take on the role of the leader and unite the heroes ready to explore, protect, and fight for you. Solve mysteries, collect treasures, set up traps, and try to stay alive.
  • Platforms: MVP - WEB / Main Release - IOS and Android
  • Genre: Hero-based MMORPG, Collectibles, Tower Defense, unique blend of Adventure RPG and multiplayer PVP game
  • Monetization: NFT, P2E, F2P Setting: post-apocalyptic world, anthropomorphic mutants/animals
  • Engine: Unity
  • Smart Contracts: NEAR Blockchain
  • USP: Fully ON-CHAIN game